The Constitution of The Breakfast Club of Regina Inc. is as follows:

  • Membership is limited to firms, associations or corporations each representing a different trade, business, occupation or profession.
  • Membership shall not be granted if the applicant is affiliated with an organization that has substantially similar objectives to those of this Club.
  • Membership in the Club is held by the firm, corporation, association or proprietor and not by the individual representing the member, except where specifically allowed in the by-laws.
  • Change in business classification or ownership results in termination of membership – eligible for re-admission if new classification is vacant; re-application is required in the case of change in ownership.
  • 70% of the main activity of the member determines classification and is based on volume of business.
  • Each member designates one representative and one alternate who is responsible to maintain a minimum 67% attendance per year.
  • The Board of Directors and membership must approve applications for membership, in accordance with the by-laws.
  • Directors are elected from designated representatives annually.