Got an Office Dog? Maybe you should.

Thank you to Judee McLeod for the excellent article! — 6 Reasons Why Dogs in the Office are Great for Business Trend | February 06, 2018 | Beatriz Sanchez More than 8 percent of American companies, ranging from tech and software to hotels and beauty parlours, allow dogs in their workplace1. A trend that started… Read more »

When the Market Corrects

Here’s a GREAT article on the subject! Big Thank you to Don Edwards of CIBC Wood Gundy for the material. — Things You See During Every Market Correction Posted November 8, 2018 by Ben Carlson From the peak close in late-September through the week before Halloween, the S&P 500 fell around 10% for a quick little correction. Over… Read more »

The Busiest Times are also the Most Stressful Times!

Coping Strategies for Your Department’s Busiest Times by Adecco Canada on November 1, 2018 How your business manages workplace stress can have a big impact on your productivity, employee engagement and even retention. During your busy season, when the demands on your department can peak, having a set of stress relief strategies ready to go will… Read more »

Interview With Confidence

Interview with Confidence by Adecco Canada on September 13, 2018 Interviews can be awkward, uncomfortable and downright terrifying no matter how many you attend. A great confidence booster is knowledge! If you take the time to get to know the position, responsibilities and company, we promise that your confidence will grow. For more tips to… Read more »

The State of Canada’s Skills Gap

The State of Canada’s Skills Gap by Adecco Canada on October 11, 2018 As the baby boomer generation reaches retirement and the technology sector continues to grow, the labour market is undergoing a dramatic transformation. The skills gap in the labour market created by these changes has made it clear that to remain globally competitive, we… Read more »

Resume Mistakes to Avoid – The Top 5

There are several common mistakes that can send your resume straight to the rejection pile. It’s not exactly fair, but with some careful attention and the following examples of 5 things to avoid when writing your resume, you can increase your odds of being contacted for an interview. 1. Your resume is more than one… Read more »

IT is where it’s AT

by Adecco Canada on May 25, 2018 In the years Michael Fernandes has spent working and recruiting in the IT vertical, Roevin’s resident 360 IT Recruitment Consultant has worked with many talented individuals and organizations throughout Canada. Having successfully navigated through multiple market shifts, Michael is an expert on recruitment in the IT sector. In… Read more »