IT is where it’s AT

by Adecco Canada on May 25, 2018 In the years Michael Fernandes has spent working and recruiting in the IT vertical, Roevin’s resident 360 IT Recruitment Consultant has worked with many talented individuals and organizations throughout Canada. Having successfully navigated through multiple market shifts, Michael is an expert on recruitment in the IT sector. In… Read more »

And now for a message from our Canadian Win4Youth Ambassadors!

by Adecco Canada on May 18, 2018 The Win4Youth program brings The Adecco Group employees, associates and clients together to share their passion for sport and to have a positive impact on the lives of young people around the world.  At the end of October, we’re excited to have 2 members of our Adecco Group… Read more »

The Evolution of the Administrative Professional

by Adecco Canada on April 25, 2018 The Administrative professional role has evolved to mirror changing times. Expanded responsibilities and skill sets has given this vital role a new meaning and organizational impact.   The early days Started by the Industrial Revolution, administrative assistants were first referred to as secretaries. As the industrial expansion caused… Read more »

Cannabis – A Shift in Perception

by Adecco Canada on April 10, 2018 With the legalization of cannabis only a couple months away, many Canadians still have reservations about its accessibility and the effects its consumption will have on the workplace. In the past few years, Canadians have experienced a growing reliance on the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Its… Read more »

Cannabis and the Impact on Employee Health

by Adecco Canada on April 30, 2018 With legislation set to pass and legalize cannabis, the intricacies of its usage may change. To keep health and safety at the forefront in the workplace, employers will need to set clear boundaries regarding its use. Although consumption of cannabis during work hours for medical purposes is not… Read more »

Top Trending Engineering Jobs

by Adecco Canada on March 13, 2018 With demand increasing for technology, science and computing, engineering candidates are a hot commodity. We’ve got insight on the upcoming years’ trending engineering roles that offer competitive salaries and job security. Civil Engineer With the population continuously increasing, our infrastructure will require growth to support it. This includes… Read more »

Women in STEM. Closing the Gender Gap

by Adecco Canada on March 21, 2018 Although the STEM fields have historically been male dominated, many are mindful that it’s time to bridge the gender gap and work towards encouraging female innovators and leaders of the next generation to explore opportunities in this field. Women have accounted for 30% of employment growth in STEM… Read more »

The Opportunities of Virtual and Augmented Reality

by Adecco Canada on March 23, 2018 Continuous advancements in technology have allowed for exponential growth in virtual and augmented reality. Showing up in many industries — no longer just in gaming! — it’s clear that this technology is gaining a foothold in our everyday lives. And with its growing popularity, virtual and augmented reality… Read more »

Revitalize your Job Search for 2018

  By Adecco Canada You still have time to make your new career resolutions for 2018.  Start off by finding a new approach to landing that next job!  To help, we’ve got four tips to revitalize your job search in this New Year! A new “social” you Refreshing your social networking profiles might just do… Read more »